Poop Frame

Poop Frame

Whether you are seeking to make a political statement, or you are merely looking for ways to get back at an ex-lover, Zymetrical has the perfect solution!

Not only does this poop frame serve as an interesting conversation piece, it is also a great way to display the top of your shit list, for all to see. Mult-functional! Updating this frame to reflect your current list is as simple as changing the 4″x6″ pictures.

Osama Poop Frame This product isn’t just for poop enthusiasts, this is for everyone that poops!

Each high quality acrylic frame is set in a hand-painted, polyresin pile of poop. Your frame will arrive lonely, and without a picture — it is up to you to decide what to place in it. To help you find a suitable picture for your frame, we have a number of example pictures here >>

As in nature, the colors and tones of each log may vary slightly.
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