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Puff Cigarettes (144 ct)
stage theater cigarettes

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Puff Cigarettes (144 ct)27.79 Newhttp://www.zymetrical.com/images/puffcigarettes_display.jpg097138676368Brand New. Bulk pricing.http://www.zymetrical.com/product_info.php?products_id=510In stock.4.82

Each unit reflects 1 gross (144 cigarettes). Puff on the end of these fake cigarettes and a cloud of smoke comes out. These prop cigarettes are realistic enough for high quality stage productions, but are also economical enough for low production theater & school plays. Each cigarette will last a number of puffs. These are filled with talcum powder and have cotton serving as a filter. They are harmless, but don't taste great if inhaled.


Sold in bulk only. Note the bulk pricing at 2+ displays. Need fewer than 144 pieces? Shop fake cigarettes on amazon  or find puff cigarettes on eBay


These are send in sealed ziplock bags to prevent dust from coming loose into your home or office (some jostling will occur, this can't be prevented). This also ensures we never get another frantic phonecall from a U.S.P.S. postal inspector again.... long story. Rest assured these are brand new. Order now they are ready to ship.

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Customer rating: 4.82  based on 17 product reviews

5 of 5 Stars Review!Theatre.Props - Sep 27, 2016
Great product! This is the second time we have ordered a box of 144, and we will continue to use them for future shows. Delivery was quick and they arrived in good condition. Very satisfied with this purchase.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Linda H - Feb 29, 2016
Great price for stage cigarettes. They are very realistic because they produce the pretend smoke effect. Some vendors sell another type of fake cigarette that makes no smoke so be sure to buy these instead; these are the real deal in stage cigarettes.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Anonymous - Feb 21, 2016
Best quality fake ciggies on the market--and the ONLY place you can get more than 2 at a time!!

5 of 5 Stars Review!JLPWDL
Exactly what I wanted, great price, super fast shipping. Will definitely order again- if we ever run out, that is!

5 of 5 Stars Review!LORAHA - Oct 23, 2014
These are the best there is for onstage smoking. You have to be careful not to puff everything out of it right away, use their limited puffs wisely.

4 of 5 Stars Review!TheatreJeanne - Oct 8, 2013
I ordered these for a theatre production. They worked fairly well for the effect that we needed. Some of them did not have any puff in them at all, but they looked good on stage. Our theatre is very close to the audience, and I had several audience members ask if they were really smoking onstage.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Colleen - Aug 13, 2013
The service and delivery was easy and prompt and price reasonable. I have purchesed these before for theater. They are very real looking and make a good prop.

5 of 5 Stars Review!jer68 - Jun 13, 2013
We used these in the stage play Streetcar Named Desire. They were used in the poker scenes plus other scenes. They are safe and effective. We bought two cases (288 total) and used all but 30 of them. A very SAFE and s effective cigarette simulation.

5 of 5 Stars Review!jerry n - May 9, 2013
Excellent stage cigarette. We are using them in our production of STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE. We decided to NOT use the E-Cigarette because of purported health concerns. Have purchased and are using 2 boxes. Yes !! That is 288 cigarettes.We now have all the actors smoking as in the late 40s everybody did smoke. Doctors recommended Chesterfields - For A Treat Instead Of A Treatment.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Penny - Apr 7, 2013
These are so fun to have at a party (of adults). Everyone gets such a kick out of acting it up with them. A martini + Puff Puff cigarettes = FUN.

5 of 5 Stars Review!KLD - Oct 14, 2012
Used this product in a small theatre production. Looked realistic from the audience. 100% recommended.

5 of 5 Stars Review!JFK - Oct 4, 2012
These Puff Cigarettes are great for theatrical productions. They are also a good value for the money. I teach High School and am currently doing a production where many of the characters smoke. I can get at least one rehearsal out of each cigarette so the box of 144 will get me through the production. They look realistic onstage. The copper foil tip looks like it is glowing when the stage lights hit it. The only problem is that they do not get shorter!!

5 of 5 Stars Review!Dan - Aug 3, 2012
Great fake cigarettes with a fine powder that puffs when you blow out. The party we took them to was a retro 50s costume gig, so we handed them around freely. Had a few to spare for the neighbors. Well worth buying them in bulk.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Kathy from Canada - Apr 25, 2012
As always, Zymetrical quickly ships great quality goods, (this time their puff cigarettes) at the absolute best price. And the jokes are free. I am an international customer, a professional buyer (so I know great service when I see it), and they never let me down. Thanks, Zymetrical!

5 of 5 Stars Review!Greenlee - Mar 27, 2012
They worked great. I had to hide them from the cast. Everyone wanted to take up smoking.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Anne E. - Feb 6, 2012
These arrived in quick fashion and are perfect for our theater production. Each student only goes through about 2 cigarettes per night so they should last for the rest of our season. And if not, I know where to get more quality stage cigarettes!

3 of 5 Stars Review!G.L.H. - Aug 23, 2011
Product arrived in good time and was pleased it was fast; packaged well and nothing broken. These were a bit old and some smoke and some do not. Being used in a play so needed them to smoke all the time. Oh well. Thanks, Gauil [Note: these can be refilled with talcum powder if some has come loose in transit. If you are ordering in bulk and receive defective cigarettes you must contact us so we can fix it. -Z]

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