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Tropical Fish Toys (12 ct)
small fish toys

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A variety of different colors and dorsal patterns make up the fish in this shoal. Designs include figures that resemble rainbow trout, a catfish, clownfish and others this novelty-descriptor did not go to marine biology school to identify. The species included represent aquarium types, freshwater fish, as well as larger ocean swimming fish such as tuna, making this an education-dense prize for children 5+. These are caught and packaged and sold in factory sealed bags of 1 dozen making it easier for resale, giving away, and keeping count of inventory. Plastic toy fish will be a fun and inexpensive addition to your redemption award or redemption item. Each measures about 1.5" in size, which is about 50% larger than a U.S. state quarter. All bags and designs in each shipment will be uniform in size with few variations.


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