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Poison Dart Frog Figurine
mini dart frog toy
poison dart frog replica
plastic toy poison dart frogs

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These mini frog replicas are true to scale measuring 1" in size, making them a perfect educationaly novelty for learning about science, habitats, and even evolution. As is often the case in nature, the brightly colored patterns serve as a warning to potential predators. Poison dart frogs are indigenous to the rain forests of South and Central America, and unlike most frogs, are dinurnal, meaning that they are most active during the day. They get their namesake from the fact that their poison has been used on the tips of blow darts by native tribes. They come in a wide variety of assorted colors and are packaged in factory sealed bags of 1 dozen, with UPC .


144 dozen per case. Looking for something else, or need just a few? Browse poison dart frogs on amazon

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