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Few things symbolize humor than a pair of small groucho nose & mustache glasses. We are sure old Groucho wouldn't wear any pair of glasses that would have him as a look, but we know you do! If you are using our glasses to compete in the next Guinness world record for wearing the most simultaneously (currently 4,436), or are buying them for another large gathering, our bulk pricing is the best you will find.


Featuring thick black eyebrows and a plush mustache, this pair of funny glasses completes the classic disguise associated with Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx. Optionally add a fake cigar and memorize a few of his famous quotes, and you will have it nailed. Note that these are not licensed by his estate, however, if you want to pay about 8x as much official pairs are available on amazon


Need less than our bulk minimum? If you don't need wholesale pricing, we have retail groucho marx glasses for sale


These glasses are about 5" x 5" making them adult small or youth large. Big kids sunglasses, or small adult toy glasses? Semantics. The stems are a tad short for them to wrap around the ears of all adults, though the bridge allows them to stay securely and comfortably on your face. If you are wearing them for just a photo opportunity they'll be just fine. If you are intent on going skiing or cruising around town they probably won't be comfortable on most adults. In our 16 years of experience we have found that more than 95% of people are fine with this sentiment, but some older adults will adamantly refuse to wear these citing that they are children's glasses. They do fit children, and most adults. We will not accept returns of this due to a customer insisting they are smaller than expected. Specifically, the frames are 12.573 cm in length, or 4.95 inches. We do not sell adult XL glasses, or Large glasses. This is the only comparable size we carry.


These are packaged 24 dozen per case, and are sold in bulk with a minimum purchase of 12 dozen. Please order in multiples of 12 dozen. If you need less than 144 pairs, buy groucho glasses from us on a separate product page. These are the same exact glasses, but differentiated to allow for retail & wholesale purchases. If you would like a sample or 2 to confirm sizing, you can purchase just them at the link above.^

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Customer rating: 4.71  based on 7 product reviews

5 of 5 Stars Review!Resie - Jan 7, 2015
I received my order of Groucho Glasses in the timeframe promised. The quality was very good and they fit all the adults beautifully. We had a blast with this. I would highly recommend this product!

5 of 5 Stars Review!juniemoontx - Oct 9, 2014
I purchased these Groucho glasses for a limited marketing campaign during the month of October (Halloween - disguises). It complimented the theme perfectly!

5 of 5 Stars Review!Maxx - Nov 26, 2013
We are very pleased with our purchase of 288 groucho disguise glasses. We were apprehensive to order not knowing they would fit, but I can tell you that they do fit adult heads. They arent going to fit if you are giving them to linebackers, but otherwise they should stay on. I would recommend this item and you cant beat the price!!!

4 of 5 Stars Review!wedding fun! - Oct 7, 2013
The folks at Zymetrical were very accommodating and promptly fixed the issue with my first order of faulty glasses. The 2nd batch came without a hitch and I am happy with the quality of the new product for the price I paid. I looked everywhere for reasonably priced Groucho glasses since I needed ~150 of them and this site won out hands down. Great price, great service, happy customer:)

4 of 5 Stars Review!mary - May 16, 2011
For the money this was a great product. We used them for a gag at a family wedding and needed 100+ pair on short notice. They arrived exactly when they were promised to arrive and were perfect for out event. They were decent quality - (what do you want for less than a dollar a pair?) some of the mustaches fell off - but that was OK - we were able to re-attach them if needed. I would definitely recommend this product and this website - the service was phenomenal.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Jacques - Jun 7, 2010
We needed a large quantity of these glasses for our school photo so I had to obtain 3 quotes prior to ordering. This company was the only one offered to send me a sample prior to ordering & also had the best pricing. Naturally we went with them. The pricing brought me in, but the customer service is what will bring me back. Jacques

5 of 5 Stars Review!Margaret - May 13, 2010
I bought 20 of these for our family group photo. These glasses were nice quality, however the sidearms were not long enough to fully cover the ears on a few of the adults ... I should note that we were still able to keep them on without falling off because of the rigid nose, I just wish the sidearms were a quarter-inch longer. The photo turned out fantastic by the way!

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