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Fake Scratch off Lottery Tickets
fake winning lotto ticket back
scratched fake lottery ticket
spare change gag lotto ticket

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Bulk Fake Scratch off Lottery Tickets0.56 Newhttp://www.zymetrical.com/images/scratch-off-lotto.jpg813386002809Brand New. Bulk pricing.http://www.zymetrical.com/product_info.php?products_id=299In stock.4.7

Wholesale fake scratch off lotto tickets have the same dimensions as state lottery tickets and are printed on the same thick paper stock with perforated edges, so they feel real too. These are the most realistic fake tickets you can buy anywhere in bulk, period — but don't take our word for it. Click on the thumbnails above to view all lotto designs.


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  • Each ticket is guaranteed to win the face value ($5,000 - $20,000)
  • Keep a straight face and these are the best gag ever!


You will receive 1 ticket for each unit ordered and will receive an mostly equal assortment of available ticket designs depending on stock. If you are ordering a few and have a specific preference(s) please indicate your style choice in checkout. If ordering more than a few you will receive mixed designs. Allow 5 business days for delivery.



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Customer rating: 4.7  based on 10 product reviews

5 of 5 Stars Review!Barb s - Aug 23, 2012
Excellent service. Product was exactly as described.

5 of 5 Stars Review!The Greatest Scratch offs - Mar 30, 2012
The fake scratch off lottery tickets were great. I have had a ball with my friends by giving them these. I always enjoy their reactions especially if we are in a bar and they have had a few drinks. Many times when they allow others to see them, they to think they are real. Usually there will be one person who eventually turn it over and read it then discovering the joke, but everyone laughs at the receiver! Thanks agin for allowing me to have many laughs.

5 of 5 Stars Review!JOSEF - Jan 2, 2012
The fake lottery tickets are unbelievable good! we did it for our mom @ our party, and was happening as we thought... its a great idea..!

3 of 5 Stars Review!Dallas Tx - Dec 30, 2011
Tickets looked pretty good. You should include them with a few real ones so it will be more of a surprise. I ordered 12 and only received 10! [This would have been rectified had customer service been notified. -Z]

5 of 5 Stars Review!Bigshocker - Dec 15, 2011
The fake lotto ticket was a great joke!!! When she scratched that card at the christmas party she went crazy!!! I still have not told her its a fake so I don\'t even know what the lotto place is gonna say!! Haha I love the product because it will work everytime guaranteed!!!

5 of 5 Stars Review!Rick - Dec 12, 2011
Thses scratchers look like the real thing.. Its a great gag gift for any occasion!!

5 of 5 Stars Review!anonymous - Nov 2, 2011
I purchased this item to prank people who are obsessed with trying to win the lottery. I use this and it really does work. I am very satisfied with how great of a prank it is.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Leo - Sep 5, 2011
These fake lotto scratch-offs are extremely realistic. Even the metal that you scratch off with a coin is authentic. But, of course after your mark reads the back of the ticket for the second or third time they realize they have been duped!

4 of 5 Stars Review!faketicket - Jun 30, 2011
At first glance the ticket looked real but is easily recognized as a fake. It served the purpose for what it was bought for.

5 of 5 Stars Review!trickster - Mar 23, 2011
sister is getting married in Tahoe gave a bunch of gambling stuff for shower gift and mad the lotto ticket look like the main gift. when they scratched and won they were hysterical with glee. It looked so real that when the realized it was a fake they still checked it over and over. they even read the back that gives it all away 3 times before they realized it was fake.

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