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8" Whoopie Cushions
inflated whoopie cushion
boy whoopie cushion

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Loud and proud or silent but ____, the in between can be a bit musical. Flatulence is a bodily function that makes one spew vocal and odorous gas into the atmosphere. One can't help but laugh at this bubbly rupture. Want a quick harmless giggle from an unsuspecting tooter? Pop this inflatable rubber gag on the seat of the victim and wait for the loud yet odorless punch to get them every time. No need to worry about killing the plants because this is a smell free prank that is guaranteed to have the baked beans jealous. Remember not to over inflate, don't want that bubble to pop in your face. Merry pranking! These are family friendly jokes that are a hit with young children, and in particular small boys.


This is the most popular size for carnival redemption, but we have larger sizes of whoopie cushions if you need to beef up your arsenal, in addition to smaller versions that won't burst the seams of your budget.


  • Available in traditional pepto-Bismol® pink only
  • 3 inch, 6 inch, 12 inch, 17 inch & self inflating versions


These are packed 36 dozen per case and our minimum wholesale purchase is 1/2 case, or 18 dozen. We sell in bulk only. If you need just a few, shop whoopie cushions on amazon

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