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72" Rubber Milk Snake

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Featuring bright red, yellow and blue bands throughout the body, this large artificial milk snake signals danger to any birds who see it, including geese, ducks, pigeons, owls, and other species which may be a nuisance to your property, garden, or pets. Even if it looks a little different than species they may be familiar with or is not native to your area, it is not worth risking their life over and most birds will fly off to greener pastures, so to speak. Using fake snakes to scare animals is a humane way of compromising without injuring wildlife, or creating an eyesore for you unlike other DIY methods (such as putting aluminum foil in trees). These measure a full 6 foot in length, however they can't be fully straightened from this coiled position. While these will withstand all types of weather, over a couple of seasons the coloring will fade if it is in full direct sunlight, therefore it is advised you put them in shade if using them outdoors.


This style of snake is sold in bulk only, however we have other types available individually. These come 1 dozen pieces per case, with a minimum order of 6. If you need just one of this style, or want to compare prices, shop large rubber snakes on amazon

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