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72" Eastern Coral Snakes
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Do you have pesky critters making their way into your garden or pool area? Lay some of these out in the open to discourage wildlife from making their way in. Red and yellow, kill a fellow. That phrase was coined to help people distinguish this venomous snake from its non threatening, non poisonous look-a-likes. Found in the southeastern United States, they are mostly found in wooded, sandy, and marshy areas. A fun fact: these snakes trick their predators by curling the end of their tail up when threatened throwing the attacker off as far as which end is the head and which is the tail. A fun (and slightly mean) way to play a prank on friends and family, or an engaging way to keep children occupied. Each snake is 72" long and is coiled. They are slightly flexible but can not be straightened out, unlike our other 48" varieites. Each snake packaged on a colorful hang tag.


These are packaged 1 dozen pieces per case, with a minimum order of 6 pieces. Do you need less than bulk? Shop coral rubber snakes on amazon

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