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48" Gaboon Viper Rubber Snake
gaboon rubber snake tree

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Bulk 48" Gaboon Viper Rubber Snake5.98 Newhttp://www.zymetrical.com/images/gaboon-viper-rubber-snake.jpg097138732750Brand New. Bulk pricing.http://www.zymetrical.com/product_info.php?products_id=1413In stock.4.8

The (bitis gabonica) is the largest & heaviest viper in the world, and also has the distinction of having the longest fangs of any snake known to man. Adults grow up to 6 foot and are characterized by having triangle-shaped heads & outwardly grown nostril "horns". They are found in sub-sahara Africa and feast on prey as large as rabbits or small monkeys. This along with all of our 48" length snakes can be uncoiled or straightened & are true rubber.


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Customer rating: 4.8  based on 5 product reviews

5 of 5 Stars Review!JimBo - Apr 12, 2012
The snake is working great. I have it hanging on the back corner of my home (where I just replaced several damaged cedar shakes). It moves easily with the wind. I have not seen or heard a woodpecker since and nor has there been any more damaged!

5 of 5 Stars Review!CARL - Jul 18, 2011
I purchased the 48 inch Gaboon Viper snake to put on my swim raft in order to keep ducks and geese from landing (pooping) on it. It works great!! He has joined two smaller snakes that have been equally as effective in keeping ducks off it. I felt I needed the larger snake for the much larger geese. If anyone out there has a similar problem, this is your solution!

4 of 5 Stars Review!Dana - Jul 1, 2011
Good product for a great price! Quick shipping as well. Would buy from this company again!

5 of 5 Stars Review!Jana - Jun 28, 2011
We purchased these snakes to keep away squirrels from our fruit trees. They are working great & look more realistic in person then they do on the website. I will be back if we need more, but so far the critters are staying at bay.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Angela M. - May 2, 2011
I wanted a snake decoration that was realistic looking for my 8 year olds birthday party that he would be able to play with afterwards. I purchased your Gaboon Viper Snake and he loved it. It looks and feels like a real snake. I couldnt believe how quickly the order came too. I had a backup plan in case the items didnt get there in time. But I had them within 3 days of placing the order. Incredible!

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