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32" Fake Black Cane

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While not strong enough to support your weight, these toy plastic canes are a perfect stage prop for simulating an elderly or disabled person, and make an obligatory accessory for magicians and hipsters—who as we all know—must not have a great sense of balance. There are also a common sight in some dance routines, and an uncommon sight among blind people, who typically prefer white sticks. Each black cane stands 32" tall and has removable white tips on each end, which are well suited for hiding things and aiding in magic tricks, such as levitation or hiding handkerchiefs. Or use them to travel back to the roaring 1920's where everyone was so drunk they needed assistance standing upright. No steampunk Halloween costume or grandfather outfit is complete without a walking cane. Add a black top hat to complete your outfit. Brand new.


Our minimum bulk purchase is 1/2 case or 12 dozen. If you are searching for individual pieces, or want an alternate style, shop black canes on amazon

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