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24" Jet Inflate
inflatable blue airplane

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Similar to their larger cousins the inflatable 747 jet, this smaller sized RINCO 727 serves shorter routes and seats less passengers, but is more efficient and uses less gas. While not suited for transatlantic travel, this airplane is perfectly suited for backyard flights or short trips around the living room. It is a versatile aircraft that can be used for traditional flights, humanitarian missions, and even combat. Though no missiles are visible and it appears to be a normal looking passenger jet, with a little bit of imagination kids will have no trouble repurposing these while playing war or flying space missions to Mars.


With a maximum altituide of as high as your hand wil reach, they have a top speed that approaches the larger sized aircraft, but due to their smaller size they are lighter and cheaper making them a popular choice for budget minded flyers. Due to it's discounted prices and compact size, this is a top seller at aviation conventions, airshows, and related carnivals and flying circuses or fairs that cater to budding young pilots. Each is sold deflated (of course) and measures in at 19" in length from nose to tail, with a 21" overall wingspan. This is available in white, blue and red patterns only, and you will receive a mix of each color.


These are packaged 24 dozen per case, with a minimum bulk purchase of 12 dozen. If you need less, shop inflatable jets on amazon

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